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The latest update as of September 15, 2010

"More exercise"

While I've still got lots of words to add to this page, here's the breakdown for the championship run for Top Alcohol Funny Car. Of particular note is the number of racers (four) that could have a "perfect" season, that is earn the maximum possible number of points (850) by racking up five national and five divisional wins. Of course, as always seems to be the case, Frank Manzo is leading the points chase and has to be considered an almost prohibitive favourite to take yet another NHRA World Championship. We'll add some more details to this segment later today.

Note that this table will be updated following the conclusion of each event on the championship calendar. While we've got the results from Charlotte, we're still waiting on the semi-final and final round results from the Belle Rose Lucas Series event. September 20 update: Despite the results not showing up on DRC, the NHRA website shows the points earned by Bartone and Gasparelli at Belle Rose so we've been able to update the table. Click here to go back to the top of the page.

1Frank Manzo65733Reading02117850
2Jay Payne55648DallasVegasPomona23202850
3Mickey Ferro64639Dallas23169808
4Steve Harker56552Dallas32213765
5Tony Bartone54531DallasVegasPomona32277808
6Steve Gasparelli66499DallasVegasPomona22192691
7John Lombardo75478Dallas13180658
8Brian Hough3647742373850
9Sean O'Bannon4446834382850
10Todd Veney65466Reading23267722

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