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The latest update as of July 25, 2010

NitroFest! Qualifying Day

Again, there's just no time to post anything about the race, other than a few photo highlights, as the first round of eliminations start in just a few minutes and I'm still trying to wake up after a long day and night at the track yesterday. Living in Deep Cove (North Vancouver) makes it an hour's (plus) drive home from Mission and back the next morning, of course.

Enough whinging, here's the pics. They'll have to do until this evening when I'll start putting up all the reports, results and photos from the Nitrofest! event. And if we're really lucky, my pro photo friends may just chip in a few more great shots to round out the coverage.

Remember to click on the thumbnails to view full-size.

Again, that's all we've got time for right now. Next update will be around 8:00 pm (Sunday).

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