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The latest update as of June 28, 2010

Monday morning (and afternoon and evening) coming down...

It's difficult to imagine just how tired one can get standing around taking photos at a drag race all weekend. But the operative word is standing, and walking, and more standing, and even more walking. The only rest we get is sitting on a steel folding chair for a short interval before the next round of racing starts. And the day starts too early, finishes too late and keeps on going long after the racing is done, as we process the photos and try to hammer out stories like I'm doing (or at least trying to) right now.

The drive home from Edmonton was similarly tiring, despite its brevity. Barely 11 hours after leaving the track we were staggering through the front door at home. The only stops we made enroute were for two tanks of gas, one tank of burgers and a mandatory stop at Dean Murdoch's to drop him off. Long and tiring drive, after three long and tiring days at Castrol Raceway and all that was preceded by an all-day drive to Edmonton on Thursday. Five days in all, and now I've got little over a week to get everything tidied up around here and ready for the next installment at Seattle's NHRA Northwest Nationals. Hopefully.

Does that sound like I'm whining or something? No, absolutely not, as there's only one thing I'd rather be doing at the track than taking photos and writing about the racing. The one thing of course would be driving a race car again, but that's probably not going to happen, at least in this lifetime. Unless I can count driving my street Charger at the Friday night street bashes. No, I'm certainly not complaining about being hard done by, as it's all my choice and I certainly wouldn't choose differently.

About the only progress I can report here today is a few additions to Saturday's photo page, with a hundred or more to come, then at least two hundred more from Sunday, and finally a few more reports from the event and a final wrapup. It should be all done by Wednesday if we're lucky, then we can move on to the next target. Now I'm starting to remember why I got lazy and just let this website fall into torpor so many times in the past. But NOT this time. No way.

Next update will be tomorrow morning and further bits added throughout the day. Stay tuned.

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