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The latest update as of June 21, 2010

Department of Corrections, Alterations and Additions

After planning to sleep in this morning, I was up just too darn early (6:10 am) and haven't stopped working on the Calgary report since. I think I've fixed all the mistakes and errors and except for a couple of dozen photo captions to be added to yesterday's photo gallery, the story is finished. However, I plan to write a bit of a followup later today after I've had some time to reflect on a whirlwind weekend in Cowtown. It was a great experience and I'm still buzzed by it, even though the number of fast cars was far less than I'm used to seeing at an event.

But the 23rd annual Father's Day Funny Car Classic did work for the track, the racers, and most especially, the fans. The only losers in the whole deal were the clowns at AHRA - but we knew that all along, didn't we? Until later today, I'll leave you with a couple of pics of what happens when old nitro racers get... well, old. And crazy. At least a little bit. See you in Edmonchuk, G.B.

PS: To see the fullsize shots, just click on the thumbnails. And to see more of this madness, click on over to the Sunday Pictures page of our Calgary report and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

New class created: Senior Dragster

The lighthearted highlight of my weekend at the Father's Day Funny Car Classic had to be seeing Gordie Bonin make a pass in a borrowed Junior Dragster. His quip after exiting (under his own power believe it or not) the car was "Let's get this SENIOR dragster class going". Unfortunately, the christmas tree was not programmed for a pro start and guess who left on the first amber (would you expect anything else?) and negated a mid 8-second early shutoff pass. Still it was quite a ride for Mr. Bonin.

We'll have photos of his exploits posted before we hit the sack tonight and wrap up our weekend with a review of the race later today. Then it's all systems go for the trek to Edmonton for next weekend's IHRA (and I've been hearing lots of rumours about whether or not that's the start of the title) Rocky Mountain Nationals at Castrol Raceway. Hang on tight, it's going to be quite a ride. Note to self: only 91 or better octane in the tank this week. Or else.

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