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The latest update as of June 18, 2010

Calgary here we come

No time for an update this morning as we haven't even packed yet, and I've got to leave for the airport in an hour's time. Next update will be this afternoon from Race City, or if they don't have internet access available at the track, from the mobile headquarters (the Glenmore Inn) in the early-ish evening. Until then: stay tuned. And if you're thirsting for a good read while you're waiting, you can't go wrong by going to the go-to website for all things drag racing in this corner of the universe: the one, the only, the legendary SpeedZone.

PS: To make access to our Calgary updates easier, just click on the - come on, guess which one - CALGARY button at the top of the navigation on the left side of the page.

Hang on, late breaking news is coming in courtesy of our Agent 99 - Ms. V - and it's just too ludicrous to absorb in one quick readthrough. From the Calgary Beacon is the story of the - get ready for this one - AHRA may be suing the Calgary Drag Racing Association for allegedly libellous and slanderous comments. Wonders never cease. Check out the story here.

One very final note: we'll have remote email for the weekend, so if you want us to see something before we get home Monday, just click on the email button at the bottom of the navigation list, and we'll receive it on the road. Isn't that so 20th century?

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