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The latest update as of July 9, 2008

8:00 PM

Not sure if this is going to work, but we're going to attempt an update from tonight's Bed & Breakfast in Naramata, BC on our (long way) home from the Rocky Mountain Nationals. I'm typing this in Clearwater, BC, and saving it for an upload this evening, if the promised internet access at tonight's accomodation does indeed prove to exist. We'll see, won't we?

All the photos from Edmonton have been photoshopped and if this page makes it into cyberspace then all the photos will have been posted also. Still to be done are the captions for most of the photos and then some sort of wrapup of the weekend's activities, with some sidebar-type stories to fill in some of the details of this year's IHRA classic at Castrol Raceway.

Our next update should be Saturday or Sunday if we can find a spare hour or three to make it happen. In the interval, enjoy the summer weather and get ready for the next event on your personal racing schedule.

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