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The latest update as of July 7, 2008

10:00 AM

The news from Edmonton is better this morning, as Dale Creasy is currently undergoing surgery to repair the damage (crushed shin and compound fracture) of his left leg, in addition to broken bones in his right foot. Go to the IHRA website for further updates. Our best wishes go out to Dale and his family - a group of people that are about as hardcore as one can be in drag racing. Of course his possible championship this season is toast, breaking his string of consecutive world championships.

The final results from Castrol Raceway are just coming in now on Drag Race Central, but after a terrible night's sleep (the lower I set the a.c., the hotter the room got), there was just no way I was able to get down to the track in time to see all the action. Next year! Now it's vacation time.

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