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The latest update as of June 28, 2005

Still catching up on the Edmonton action

Nearly two full days have passed since the Rocky Mountain Nationals ended at Budweiser Park, and we're still working on posting the last of the photos, trying to work up the energy to create a few hundred captions, then get down to a wrapup story. However, compared to our "efforts" of the past few years, we've made more progress in the few days we spent in Edmonton than we have in quite a long time.

Now if we can only get things up to date around here before it's time to head south for Pacific Raceway's NHRA Northwest Nationals, which will be here almost before we know it. Just 25 days and counting to go.

As soon as we have something more done on the photo pages from Edmonton, we'll post it here.

11:00 PM

We've added a few more captions to Sunday's first photo page and will get a few more done before we leave for work in an hour's time. The captions and wrapup report won't be finished until Wednesday evening at the earliest. Patience is a virtue. Especially around Northern Thunder.

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