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The latest update as of April 18, 2005

The Day after the Big Show

Today is always the hardest day of a national event; for the fans and most of the racers it's back to work and real life; for the full-time teams it's time to do the dirty work of cleaning up and loading and getting ready to head down the road to either the shop and a few days of more unloading, cleaning, preparing, and reloading in preparation for the next event.

For the reporters and photographers it's time to make sense of the past few days, process (or finish processing) all the photographs and get them organized before the details and info about them fade out of the memory bank and then... and only then.... sit back and pull the whole event into focus and write the story.

Not the round by round description of the on-track action, but the story inside the story. The one that captures the flavour of the race, the inside scoop, the dirty gossip, the breaking news, and pulls it all together into one nice coherent piece. You know what I mean, the story that never, and I mean never, ever gets written here at Nothern Thunder.

Think this time will be different? There's no reason too, but just like a recovering alcoholic or ex-smoker, it's one day at a time - and each day is special and unique and you just never know what each one will hold. So stay tuned, not every day, but once a week or so, and just see what develops out of my newest mindset.

For now though it's off to the track for a day of testing and tuning, hopefully with enough fuel and alcohol teams in attendance to make this extra day in Vegas worthwhile. If not, well I'm sure I'll be able to find something to do to kill the extra hours. By the way, in case you're wondering, I did do "some" gambling on this trip; spent an entire five minutes in front of a video poker machine, got bored, and cashed out my winnings: $0.50.... they don't call me "low-roller" for nothing, do they?

Have a nice day..... because I know I certainly will. More news on this page tomorrow.

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