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The latest update as of April 17, 2005

Wilson tries to go Wireless at Las Vegas

Unless I can figure out the mysteries (at least it's a mystery to me... not too surprising, eh?) of the wireless world, anything I report today will be forwarded to the Speedzone website. Keep checking it on a regular basis for all the inside scoops, if we can find them.

I'll be putting together a full report, with pictures, of the SummitRacing.com Nationals on Northern Thunder by the end of the week (do I hear the laughter of many who've fallen for that line before?), but you'll have to wait until I get home and get a chance to go through all my notes and the hundreds of pictures. And by the time it actually gets done, it will be just another installment of old news. File it under "never enough hours in the day".

With a very busy day ahead, I'll close off this very short update for now and won't be updating this page until tomorrow, at the earliest. Until then, keep an eye on the 'Zone.

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