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The latest update as of April 16, 2005

Saturday morning in Vegas.... way too early...

It's already Saturday morning, and for some racers, the dawn of day three of the NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With absolutely perfect weather (okay, a little cooler would be nice, performance-wise), especially to folks like me who are still a long way from summer in their local climes, the event is the perfect cure for people tired of cold, wet weather, anxious to get racing again, or just bored and in search of an excuse for a short vacation.

This is my second trip to "Sin City" (first time ever was last October) and it looks like it will take regular visits here for the rest of my life to even scratch the surface of all the wonders that Vegas has in store. What a sorry fate, eh? When you look at the NHRA schedule, you'd almost think the Tourism and Convention folks had planned the two annual races here at the start and end of winter, in an attempt to attract even more moths to their eternal flame.

My focus on this event is more on the photography side, as my good friend and sometimes mentor, Dean Murdoch of Speedzone magazine secured photo credentials for me for the qualifying days. Sunday will see me turn in my vest, put down the camera (for the most part) and switch into reporter mode, and hopefully, provide nearly live updates from the media centre. As always, with all things Wilson, don't hold your breath too hard, or for too long waiting for those promises to bear fruit.

Until I get a chance to put together some sort of a photo page for the event (which will be late next week, after I get home), you'll have to see what our lens has captured through the Speedzone website. Keep checking throughout the weekend, as we'll be sending a stream of photos as time permits.

Next update here will probably be this evening, unless we can get the wireless broadband connection happening at the track (which we've failed to do again this year - but we're working on it... slowly). I do have my slow wireless dial-up connection to fall back on, but once the fast cars start running, then I'll be trackside, taking pictures and not have time to type out any reports. But, as we are so overly fond of always repeating, stay tuned!

PS: We fibbed a little about our update time, just in case you tuned in early this morning, it's only 7am down here and back in Vancouver.

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