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The latest update as of July 24, 2004

Day Two of the Northwest Nationals - Nowhere to sit, Nowhere to park

Good morning again from Seattle, Washington, where the skies are still bright and the outlook for the weekend continues to be hot and sunny. The first day of the Northwest Nationals went off with nary a hitch (bar one local alcohol funny car that suffered a major fire at the finish line), finished on time at 9:00 pm and showed that race cars can get down a grossly overheated track, even on reduced nitro percentages and higher tire pressures.

The top teams (in all divisions) showed why they are on top, by taking the top positions on the qualifying ladders. There's not enough time or space to go into any of the details, but you can access all the results from Drag Race Central or NHRA's website.

Before we head out to the track this morning, I'll try to upload a few of yesterday's pics just to show that we haven't been sleeping on the job. The next update will probably not be until this evening, as we've got a shorter day at the track today, with the action even more concentrated from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. As always, stay tuned.

It's now just past 10:00 am, the Pro Stocks are in the staging lanes and the first call for the last session of Top Alcohol qualifying has just gone out. Just getting here this morning turned into a major ordeal, and heaven help those who decided to show up later. At last report the lineup on Highway 18 to enter the site is more han five miles long. We thought that getting on the road just after 8:00 am would give us a headstart on the mob, but we were still more than a mile from the highway exit when we hit the end of the lineup.

Despite the heat, and it's not going to be any cooler today, Pacific Raceways appears that it could use an extra 10,000 seats, as seating is going to be a major problem today. Heck, even standing in a viewing position will be a difficult proposition.

That's all we've got time for right now; the starting line is calling us.

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