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The latest update as of August 28, 2003

Update on the Medical front: The operation was a success!

Bad news... the operation was a success... so you'll just have to put up with Old Bob for a few years yet. I was released/paroled from Lions Gate Hospital about four hours ago, and have managed to get through my first pot of real coffee this week; delete the 409 spam messages in my mailbox (one even thoughtfully included a copy of the SoBig worm); scan the newspapers - lots of same old, same old; open and immediately hide all the bills, invoices, notices, demands for payment, etc., and just generally unwind from my three days in the medical system.

If you live in British Columbia, you don't have to wonder why your provincial income taxes are so high.... it's turkeys like me using up about $20,000 of the province's medical budget fixing something that could have been avoided if I'd never started smoking. But that's in the past now and all I can do is look forward to that bright, healthy, long-lasting future. Once I get the 68 staples out of my right leg and am able to stand up without sounding a steam engine in it's death throes.

After all the excitement of the day, it's time for another handful of T-3's and a long nap, so it will be much later today, maybe even tomorrow, before we get going on the Lordco Summer Nationals story again. I'll let you know.

And to all the folks who've enquired about my health, or offered their best wishes for my recovery: THANKS HEAPS, MATES!

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