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The latest update as of August 24, 2003

Mission Raceway - Lordco Summer Nationals updates

12:15 AM

It's just too late to get anything useful done tonight, partly from operating on three hours from last night, partly from two days on my feet at the track and partly from the painkillers I've been prescribed to deal with the abcessed tooth/teeth until after the artery bypass operation on Monday.

I'm glad I'm not a horse - I'd be a pot of glue by now.... or an old engine - I'd be dismantled for any useful parts. I've just got to keep telling myself that after all these medical challenges are dealt with, that I'll be twice as good as I was. Okay, I can hear the chorus already: ZERO times ZERO still equals ZERO, Wilson.

Before I turn out the lights on this day, I've managed to post the first thirty of about a hundred - there's even contributions by real photographers Gerry Frechette and Larry Pfister - pictures. Check them out by visiting the Features page.

6:45 AM

Oh boy, just 24 hours until I get to take a nice long, relaxing break in the hospital, having my every whim catered to by all those good-looking nurses -- sounds like I've on some sort of medication already, doesn't it? -- yes, in a way, it's going to be Tylenol Bob today, so if I make even less sense than usual (see the math lesson above for further details), just put me down as being "wacky on the junk".

Before I head for the track this morning, I'll finish rearranging the Lordco Summer Nationals pages for easier viewing and try to get all of yesterday's photos on them. As for captions and descriptions or any sort of stories, sorry there just isn't enough time until I get home from the hospital next weekend.

PS: Looks like a great day for a drag race; clear skies, warm temps, I can almost smell the traction compound and burning alcohol/nitro already. Be there ! Or if you can't check out this website for some idea of what went on, or better still go to Dean Murdoch's SpeedZone Magazine site, or the megalopolis of the local web scene, the one, the only, the inimitable Larry Pfister's Horsepower Heaven site.

8:45 AM

I'm really running out of time now, so I apologize in advance for all the gaps on the Saturday photo page two. We do have a full page one and three. I'll get the rest posted this evening, along with today's work. Time to head for the track now, though.

8:00 PM

Again, thanks to everyone for all their help, good wishes and juicy gossip over the weekend. With everything we picked up on, there should be enough material to keep this little corner of the cyber-world raking muck until Christmas. Congratulations to all the racers who ran well at Mission Raceway, win or lose, and many thanks to the amazing ladies of D.R.A.W. for the 50/50 draw jackpot yesterday. Believe it or not, that was the biggest win of my life..... Sad, isn't it?

Now it's time to get into Photoshop and finish up the unposted photos from Saturday and go through the hundred or so from today.... with more coming, courtesy of our good friend Gerry "F-1" Frechette. Remember to use the reload/refresh button to see the latest additions throughout the evening. Assuming you come back more than once for a visit, that is.

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