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The latest update as of January 13, 2002

As of this writing (1:30 pm) we're still working on today's update, so come back a little later and see what develops. In the meantime, check out the other updates from earlier in the week. NOTE: We're also still working on the captions and layout for the January 9th "Far Side" special, so give that page a reload/refresh if you want to see the finished product -- when it's finished, that is. More news in a few hours.

4:30 pm:  Hey, we're back and we've finally finished arranging and captioning all those pics in the "Definitely From The Far Side" special What's New update of January 9th. Check it out if you're looking for a little (with the emphasis on little...) cheap (ditto...) entertainment.

Now, here's a rough outline of the gameplan for the next week:
Tomorrow we catch a flight out of Vancouver for Brisbane and will arrive on Aussie soil early Wednesday morning (their time). Once we start doing updates from downunder, all the dates and times will be Australian. If you're on the west coast of North America (PST time), just add 18 hours to the current time to figure out what time it is in Brisbane.

We'll arrive in Sydney, by way of Honolulu, early Wednesday morning, then take the quick jog up to Brisbane, arriving just in time to pick up the hire car and drive out to Willowbank for the start of the test-n-tune that precedes the Australian Nationals. With most of the Top Doorslammers, three out of the five Top Fuel cars, nearly all the Pro Stocks (they've got bigger engines for this season), and one Top Alcohol Dragster, along with eight Supercharged Outlaws testing, it should be a more than worthwhile exercise.

We probably won't get away from the track until waaay past dark, since the testing finishes at 9 pm, and the bench racing finishes.... well, actually, it never does... well, you get the drift; it'll be the first of four consecutive late nights that won't finish until we get some sort of report posted on our Australian Nationals pages.

Then we'll be back at the track way-too-early on Thursday, for the first of three days of nearly non-stop on and off track action. We're trying hard to get some sort of internet access at the track and the loan of a laptop computer to save a lot of writing at the track and typing it all out again on a friend's computer in the middle of the night before posting. But we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out. As for photos, that's another matter; one that might not be "do-able" until we get back to Canada on the 22nd. Video? Definitely after we get back... if at all.

So, am I ready for this latest downunder adventure? Not really, judging by this pic of my suitcase taken a few minutes ago. Yes, we've got the most essential ingredients for a successful trip packed: money, credit cards, more credit cards, passport, plane ticket (how many times have I almost forgotten that? don't ask....), REAL coffee, REAL cigarettes, road directory (absolutely essential), and a bathing suit. Oh, and the latest issues of SpeedZone magazine and the great 2002 racing calendar they put out. (It must be great: they've got a picture of my car in it....)

There should be a few minutes later this evening to finish off this update, but in the meantime, check out the latest drag racing news from Australia, courtesy of our good friends at Competition Plus: The Inky Valve.

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