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The latest update as of January 6, 2002

Only two weeks since the last update... one that was supposed to be completed on the same day. And this little blurb doesn't really qualify as an update either. All I can ask is that you have patience... we will get there eventually. For a start at the re-construction process, let's look back at the year that was 2001. Here's the first (very small) installment, a couple of Xmas cards.

Gryte Family Christmas Card Piranha Insurance Christmas Card

Two really neat Christmas Cards arrived in the mail this year.
Click on the thumbnails to view them full size.

Our intentions are to get back to work on this page later this evening; and as we all know when it comes to Wilson Racing or Northern Thunder or Bob Wilson.... well, let's not go there now. Just look it up in the dictionary, under PROCRASTINATION.

Okay, my conscience talked me into it: here's a couple of little bonuses. It's the initial (not quite finished) rendering for the first Northern Thunder t-shirt and the new paint scheme for the race car. Thanks heaps to Stu Wotypka of Intelligent Development for his great artwork.

Northern Thunder paint scheme
Northern Thunder t-shirt

For the eagle-eyes in the audience, NO, we haven't moved the magneto down to the cam-drive area of the car. It's just a bit of miscommunication between myself and the artist.

Black Bar
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