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The latest update as of July 23, 2001

So where's all the reports, results and photo captions from the Canadian National Open? Well... there's the Saturday photo page (July 21) and the Sunday photo page (July 22) and... some photos lower down on this page, kindly provided by our good friend Gerry Frechette.

The balance of our event coverage will have to wait another 24 hours as we've just run out of time to do it tonight. Click on the date buttons to go to the photo pages and check out these ones below in the meantime.

Roger Bateman - Showdown TA/FC Serge Dion vs. Roger Bateman

Top Fuel Thunder Trucks George Swann - AA/FD

Top Fuel Harleys - Houneit vs. Andres Jirka Kaplan - Blown Alcohol Altered

NOTE: These photos are displayed courtesy of and are copyright by Gerry Frechette.

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