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The latest update as of July 3, 2001

It's been a while, hasn't it? No, we're not dead... in fact, we're about as far from that state of being (or non-being) as could be. Anyone who's been in contact with, or seen me, over the last month knows that I'm still on a major high from my Winternationals weekend in Australia in early June.

We just received another reason to feel optimistic about our chances for next season and it's presented below as a Photo Quiz: What's wrong with this picture? Take a close look at the pic and then tell us what's wrong with it.

Here's a few clues: it was taken at the 1000 foot mark (approximately). We ran 6.339 at 210.08 on the pass. The data recorder shows a cessation of brain activity in the pilot 4.2 second after leaving the starting line (NOTE: we said after leaving the starting line.... not BEFORE leaving the line). Send us your answers and we'll incorporate them in a "what really happened" story of the 2001 Konica Winternationals.

Wilson sees Elvis at 1000 feet
Photo copyright 2001 by Lee Davis - Western Auto Pics

There's no time to add much more to this page this morning, but we are working at getting things back up to speed around here, so please stay tuned for regular updates here and elsewhere around the website. I'll close for today by posting a bit of humour gleaned from the newspaper. It's written by one of Canada's icons: Red Green, the "Duct Tape King" of Possum Lodge.

Let the Yuppie Weenie race on
by Red Green - "North of 40"

You see the ads on television with some Yuppie weenie in a high-priced Statusmobile taking a corner in a four wheel drift. You wonder who'd be dumb enough to try that until you hit the highway and find out the answer.

They're dipsy-doodling through traffic at twice the speed of sense and turning your relaxing drive into a teeth grinder. What these goofs are saying is "Outta my way, sucker, and let the big fish through."

Of course, the natural response is to teach them a lesson by driving like an idiot, too. Instead, stay calm and think about the truth. That guy that just blasted past you is making payments on a $60,000 car and he needs to get to work early so he'll get a promotion so next year he can make payments on an $80,000 car. That's treading water in a saucepan: You won't drown, but you're still cooked.

You, on the other hand, have the sweet life. If you're late for work, someone will cover for you. And there's no promotion coming your way, so you don't need to risk your life. Just slow down, turn up the radio if it works and don't let that big fish in the small car bother you. Right now he's just the one who got away. But in the long run, you're the one who got away.

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