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The latest update as of September 2, 2000

From the HEY, WE'RE NOT DEAD YET! Department: So where have we been for the past two weeks? Jail? A coma? Australia? Mars? No, nitro breath, we've actually been on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !

Yes, an all-expenses paid, catered meals, premium accomodation, non-stop entertainment, two weeks at the very exclusive Crapco Terminals urban resort, located in the heart of the waterfront district in the city of Vancouver.

At least I thought it was going to be a vacation, but the first sign that things were not to be quite as they were advertised was at the front desk. "Good morning, Mr. Wilson, welcome to Crapco. Let me take you to your room. There's no elevator, so we'll have to use the stairs. And watch out for the construction equipment."

"Here's your room, Mr. W., fully equipped with the latest in communications devices: fax machine, photocopier, laser printer, four computers, direct-dial telephones, and a nine-channel radio. The bathroom is down the hall, and complimentary coffee is available in the next room at all times. Enjoy your visit with us!"

So, where's the shower? "Well, there is rain forecast this week; so if you just pour a cup of liquid soap out of the dispenser and grab a package of paper towels, just go outside and ...."

Where's the bed? "We have the latest ergonomically designed upright sleeping devices. Sometimes referred to as chairs, they're actually multi-purpose devices that are very comfortable. If you wish, you can recline the back and put your feet up on the desk for extra comfort."

Where's the restaurant? "The catering division arrives three time a day, at 10 AM, Noon and 2:30 PM. Meals are reasonably priced and tipping is not required."

When the Entertainment Director came by and showed me the list of activities scheduled for me during my two week stay, then I knew I was in trouble. Each day started at 6:00 AM (with an air-horn wakeup call), and didn't stop until 5:59 AM the following day. In other words, non-stop (literally) "fun" for the entire two weeks. And they call this a vacation?

As I write this (surreptitiously so the staff doesn't notice), I'm still at the "resort" and won't be released from their clutches until late tomorrow night. Then, for approximately thirty-six hours I'll be free to catch up on things at home, update the website, sleep in a horizontal position, etc.

And then: I'll be back at the "resort" for another extended stretch. Maybe next time I'll be able to smuggle some of my website files in with me and be able to keep this page updated on a regular basis. The good news is that the "Countdown Counter" is ticking (too darn slowly for my liking) down to my return to Australia. It can't come soon enough.

REAL UPDATE:   We've posted a great story about Jim Grant's Down Under Tour 2000 in the Press Clippings index. And there's lots of new additions to the Race Report index. Plus, the latest news about the continuing saga of the proposed Western Sydney Motorplex, (in Sydney, Australia) and a full report, with pictures, of the protest in front of the State Parliament buildings in August.

Later this weekend: A full update to the Backfire! page; the balance of the pics from the Sleepy Hollow 2000 Rod Run and Drag Race from Sechelt; and all the latest bits from the pits in the wide, wild, weird world of drag racing. Stay tuned.

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