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The latest update as of July 24, 2000

The pictures from Sunday at the Mopac Canadian National Open are now posted. Scroll down the page and click on the "Restricted Area" sign to access them. The results from the event are posted also; now all we have to do is find the time to write up all the pit reports and event overview. Not tonight though; tomorrow maybe.

Yeah, it's been another week without much noise from Thunder-land, hasn't it? Well, we haven't been sleeping... at least not all the time. After the three days of Photo Gallery updates (the Drag Babes obviously), I thought: "Let's spend a few minutes updating the links pages... shouldn't take more than.... a month or two?"

It was 1236 or 1263 or 1326 or something like that. Now: I haven't a bleeding clue. It took one entire evening just to update the racer links... then four hours of checking them out, one by one, confirmed the existence of just 50 of them. And on and on it goes. And will go, for at least another few weeks.

In the meantime, there's the small matter of a couple of race events to cover. This weekend, the Mopac Canadian National Open is on at Mission Raceway and next week, the big NHRA "Travelling Acceleration Show" wheels into Seattle for the Northwest Nationals. Now for the bombshell: I've got media credentials for the Northwest Nats. YES, believe it or believe it, NHRA has actually issued me passes for the race.

What has happened? Where's the weather reports for Hades? What are those large pink, oinking, winged beasts flying overhead? What date is on the calendar? April 1st? NO, it's true. They've obviously got me confused with someone who actually has something useful to say. Or at the very least, they've forgotten all those rude things I said about S.I.R. back in '98.

Hang on a sec, the phones ringing . . . . That was someone calling to say that I'd sold out to the association. Sorry to disappoint the critics, but you know I'll never pull any punches... unless the legal department says that it could wipe me out financially, again.

For all the results, reports and pictures from Saturday at the Mopac Canadian National Open, you've got to enter THE RESTRICTED AREA. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Restricted Area

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