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The latest update as of April 15, 2000


Before we resume the regularly scheduled de-programming, we've got a serious announcement to make. The brother of a friend of mine is facing a serious personal crisis and has to sell his '78 Pontiac TransAm Pro ET car. It's available in turnkey condition for $7,500 firm. Don't even think of trying to put together a car that runs this quick for twice that amount. This is a car that is well sorted -- it's a former Eagle Motorplex and Firestone Centerline Series PRO ET points Champion -- and MUST BE SOLD. There's even a trailer available if you wish and delivery might be arranged to British Columbia or Alberta.

Even if you aren't interested in this car for yourself, please spread the word as the car MUST BE SOLD as soon as possible. I won't go into the details of why the sale must be done, not wanting to play the sympathy card, but trust me, this fellow needs the money to deal with a serious family crisis. Enough said, now check out the details, then pick up the phone or send an e-mail and get the ball rolling. Tomorrow may be too late: so do it today. Please.

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