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The latest update as of March 29, 2000

I had several ideas for today's installment: Stupid Hat Day (I'm still working on that one -- so check back later); More dirt and gossip on the PSI situation (nothing new to report on it so far today -- until the phone or fax machine start ringing, or the email inbox starts smoking again); or maybe it's time to pull a typical Wilson move: rewrite history. Yes, in case you weren't already sure: Northern Thunder is a dictatorship, and just like the former rulers of the Soviet Union, I can rewrite history.

In this case, the history I'm referring to is the "letter" to Rick Santos and Jack O'Bannon. No more BS, no more excuses, it's done . . . Uh, Bob, so where is it? Go back to the "menu" at the top of the page and look down at March 1st. Hey at least I got it done before April, didn't I? Check out what I've written to them and see if it makes any sense -- assuming, of course, that anything around here makes any sense -- and fire away with your replies, rebuttals, Backfires! or whatever. Just remember: I've got an SFI-certified firesuit, bulletproof windows, steel front door with two deadbolts and live 120 feet above street level. So fire away!

Okay, I'll put the Funny Hat (and hair) pictures on now. Don't want to keep the "winners" in suspense. And who's the first victim? None other than Wilson. Hey, that's not fair! This is my website, how do I get to be first? Technology, Bob; it's beyond your comprehension and this is your reward.

some doofus Stuart Bond
Let's forget about the pic on the left, eh? The one on the right was taken at Ravenswood Raceway (Perth, Australia) last month and shows Canada's Jim Grant making a fool of the track announcer (Stuart Bond) with this month's winner in the silly hat contest.

Our next victim is Brisbane's Brett Stevens -- with flaming hair, no less.

Stay tuned for some more updates on this page later tonight as we attempt to fill in some of the very large blanks in the month... before the month runs out. News from the Gatornationals, the Castrol New Year Series and some more rants and raves about what the heck is going on with the internet these days. Plus a review of a monthly magazine that everyone should be subscribing to. All that and a whole lot more? Well, we'll see. Check back regularly and remember to hit the reload/refresh button on your browser.

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