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The latest update as of March 23, 2000

As I was saying: so there we were, just cruising along and minding our own business when we, honestly, only turned around to smile at the camera for just a moment . . . and that's the last thing I remembered until today. (Click on the picture to see a larger version)

Smile for the camera

For a look at the aftermath of the "incident" . . . click here. At some point during the past two weeks, as I drifted in and out of consciousness, I vaguely remember receiving some visitors from my circle of cyber-friends. It's still hard to believe how distraught they were with my condition, but this next photograph proves that love knows no bounds . . . even those of good taste and decency. (In the interest of common sense, I've protected the guilty parties. And again, click on the pic to see a larger version)

Let's play blackmail!

The doctor just said that's all the time he'll allow me to sit up at the keyboard for today, and if I keep laughing so hard I'm sure to loosen some of the stitches and maybe crack a cast or two. Before I go though: Check out the Backfire! page for nearly a month's worth of messages that have been pouring in and overflowing the mailbox. And if you've still got some energy left after that: all the Drag Babes galleries have been updated. Yes! Next update of this page: Friday -- at least that's the current prognosis.

Okay, just a hint of what to expect then. Remember the old nursery rhyme: I spy with my little eye . . . Here's the Y2K version (for Top Alcohol): I spy with my little PSI . . . the FBI . . . aye, yi, yi... Oh man, now I've done it. The nurses are running in from their stations ... gotta go-go-go until Friday.

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