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The latest update as of March 5, 2000

The plan today is for two updates; after all, it's been nearly a week since anything new has happened (at least on the net) around here. For the first installment, I've got some pics from my visit yesterday to the Vancouver Motorsport Show. Later today, I'll post my thoughts on the show and bring you all the details on an exciting new venture for drag racers in this area. Leo Grocock and Dean Murdoch have announced the opening of the first drag racing school for the Northwest U.S. and Western Canada. They launched the idea at the Motorsport show and got a great response from the spectators. Like I said.... more, much more, a little later today.

A small warning: The pics aren't that great; Photography in a crowded arena, with narrow aisles, lots of obstructions and lots of passersby is difficult. Not having a clue how to operate a camera with more bells and whistles than a marching band introduces some degree of difficulty too. Bear with me folks, as we undertake yet another "learning curve" with the new Optura. Remember that Mr. Pfister has at least a twenty year headstart in the photography department. (Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size views).

The Big Show The Big Show
Two views of the main floor of the show at the Pacific Coliseum

Rod Clough - Top Comp
Rod Clough - Top Comp Rod Clough - Top Comp
The Dickison & Clough Top Comp Alcohol Funny Car makes it's debut

Cranberry Connection Cranberry Connection
Local hero Glen May makes his Canadian debut with the new "Cranberry Connection"

Tim Nemeth - TA/FC Tim Nemeth - TA/FC
Local Top Alcohol Funny Car racer Tim Nemeth was in the show

Glen Braid Glen Braid
Newly-sponsored Glen Braid's "Mighty Mouse" Chevy II looking good

George Swann - AA/FD George Swann - AA/FD George Swann - AA/FD
Great to see George Swann's front-engine Top Fuel car here
It'll be even better to see (and hear!) it at Mission Raceway soon

Northwest Drag Racing School Northwest Drag Racing School
Northwest Drag Racing School Northwest Drag Racing School
Here's the Northwest Drag Racing School car - Wanna drive it?
Lots more news on that a little later today

B-1 Bomber B-1 Bomber
What in the heck? Not quite finished yet, but it will be soon
An owner who prefers to remain anonymous (at this point) had my crew chief, Tom Mohan,
build him a B-1 powered 1970 Vauxhall Viva

B-1 Bomber B-1 Bomber
Believe it or not -- this thing is street registered and licensed
Rumours of it having NOS capability, in addition to the 1000 horsepower
in its naturally aspirated configuration
are met with stony silence and "NO COMMENT" from the builder
And just who is going to drive this "bomb"? Stay tuned...... :-)

Terry McHardy - Lionheart Terry McHardy - Lionheart
A pair of pics of Vancouver's favourite cop car: Terry McHardy's "Lionheart" Roadster

Tom Mohan Rich Carlson - At Work? Tom Mohan
Here's a candid photo of Rich Carlson - hard at work? - bookended by Tom Mohan

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