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The latest update as of February 27, 2000

Hey, where has the week gone? In my case, it's been "head down, ass up" trying to reorganize this website. So many new tools and so little time to learn how to use them: "instructions??? . . . we don't need no steenkin' instructions!" . . . or do we? Please, no answers to that rhetorical question. Anyways, as stated in the title for today's "episode", there's no time for an update, so I'll just lay a few pics on you. (In case the quality is a little (or a lot) lacking and they're difficult to decipher, it's three shots of Doug Herbert losing some money and points during the first round of eliminations today at the C-S-K Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona. And in case you hadn't figured it out already: I "borrowed" them from the SpeedVision broadcast).

Remember what I said earlier about new tools? How about some video of the old Northern Thunder from a few years back? Stay tuned; I'll have some short clips posted here tomorrow. Again, the quality will be somewhat lacking, but so is the budget. Also tomorrow: An "open letter" to Rick Santos and Jack O'Bannon. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I've just gotta say something about what they're doing to the Federal-Mogul (TOP ALCOHOL) Dragster class. Can you guess where I'm headed with that train of thought??? Hang on, it's coming in tomorrow's double-header episode of "As The Wheel Turns" and "Wake Up And Smell The Tire Smoke".

Doug Herbert 2000 Doug Herbert 2000

Doug Herbert 2000

Almost forgot: There was a new "car" debuted in Top Alcohol at Phoenix over the weekend. Mark Foster's new injected nitro car made its first public appearance and showed that there is still a few original thinkers in drag racing. There is no way I could possibly describe what it looks like, so I've "borrowed" a thumbnail image from Dave Kommel's Auto Imagery. Click on it to see the full screen view. By the way, let's hope this doesn't start a trend! While we're talking "different" . . . if you don't subcribe to National Dragster, then you probably haven't seen the latest thing in injector hats. Here it is; again, click on it to see the full-size picture.

Mark Foster A/FD SixPack Hat
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