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The latest update as of February 15, 2000

It's been one very long day, now stretching into the second one, as I try to get the new "hot rod" computer up and running on eight. So far, it's only got one "lean hole" as there's still a conflict between PhotoShop and the Firewire Card. Yeah, I can hear the laughter all the way from Langley now: "You shoulda bought a MAC, Bob!" Too late now, I'm commited, figuratively and, if all the systems don't start working correctly soon, possibly literally.

At least my old $99 scanner still works fine and I spent a few minutes looking at the "Aussie Women in Motorsports Calendar" that arrived recently. Here's some sneak previews of what they look like out of their firesuits. Want one? Hang on mates, I'll post all the info tomorrow. Or if you just can't wait: pick up the phone, dial 011-612-9894-7499 and ask Mary to send you one posthaste. $25 plus shipping to North America, or contact me for one. More tomorrow.

Aussie Drag Babe Aussie Drag Babe Aussie Drag Babe Aussie Drag Babe
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