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The latest update as of February 11, 2000

Where have I been all this week? Well, sometimes "real life" gets in the way of "web life" and things just don't get updated here at Northern Thunder. It's been another of those weeks, but we haven't been sleeping or ignoring the website. There just hasn't been time to get anything written. Or scanned.

The postwoman brought me a neat box of goodies from Dragster Australia two days ago: Some videos of DownUnder drag racing and . . . ONE copy of the OZ Motorsport Ladies Calendar. Note that I emphasised ONE, when in fact, I'd ordered FOUR. Something must have gotten lost in the translation, eh? So, if Mary Fabietti, David or Jan Cook, or John Baremans are reading this: Expect another fax on your desk Monday morning, ordering some more copies. And to everyone who's wondering what this is all about: hang on, I'll put up a sample of the calendar's contents this weekend. Trust me; it will be worth seeing.

Big News Flash of the week: Wilson buys a real computer. Seriously. After plodding along with this "coal-burning" relic for nearly two years now and becoming increasingly worried by the odd sounds it makes on a regular basis; not to mention the frequent "out of memory" and "insufficient resources to launch application" messages that appear on the screen, I've finally made the leap and bought something new and up-to-date.

So whatdidyaget? While it's not the hottest rod on the market right now, this new piece should be "competitive" I think. Here's the specs:

Pentium III running at 550 MHZ
128 megs of RAM; 20 gig hard drive
SoundBlaster audio; ATI 32 meg video
56K modem and a 10/100 Ethernet card
Firewire card for the Canon Optura
17-inch monitor; Windows 98, etc.

So whatdayathink? Should do the job, eh? FLASH: The phone just rang and the courier is here with the Firewire card and the PhotoDV software (which includes Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Premiere). And the computer will be ready to pick up tomorrow. Looks like one busy weekend here, doesn't it?

While the effects of all this new technology won't be evident on the website for a week or two or three, the opportunity to finally get this old "beater" of a website upgraded to supercharged status is finally here. Hang on for the ride folks, from now on, it's going to get really interesting at Northern Thunder. Gotta run now. Next update over the weekend. I Promise!

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