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The latest update as of February 2, 2000

The following is a message from Julia Linney, of Ten Tenths Motorsports in Sydney (Australia) to all drag racers and fans in that country. She hopes that the return of Alan Jones, a well-known radio talkshow personality, from his Xmas holiday, will help the cause of the Western Sydney Motorplex. The latest news from downunder about the Motorplex proposal is not highly encouraging; check it out at Sydney: Vital Decisions. Here then, is Julia's message:

The Return Of Alan Jones

You may or may not be aware that Radio 2UE's Alan Jones returns to air this Monday morning the 31st. He did say before he went on holidays that he would continue to pursue the drag strip problem when he came back.

We don't want him to think that we've gone away! If you could make time to send him a letter, a fax or e-mail through his website address, to be on his desk as soon as possible, and/or try to get through on talkback is even better, then please, please do.

Explain that the drag racing community is still being stuffed around by the New South Wales Government (Sport & Recreation, Public Works, the Premier's Department) and the ARDC (Australian Racing Drivers Club) at Eastern Creek Raceway; and that the Government is now pursuing shoe-horning a drag strip into Eastern Creek Raceway but with funds from some unknown developer.

This impractical option though is to be run by the ARDC - and we don't like that one bit and can't see it working - etc., etc., and so forth. We want a long-term, secure future for our sport, not a political quick-fix that could see us back where we are now at any time. Use your own words though, not mine.

Write to:

Alan Jones,
Radio Station 2UE,
176 Pacific Highway,
Fax to: (02) 9906 8879
Ring "Talkback" on: 13 13 32
E-mail to: Alan Jones

Now's the time; we have to keep pushing hard, making ourselves heard, because the Government WILL be saying, "We're fixing it by planning a strip inside Eastern Creek Raceway - aren't we wonderful?" Now drop the issue, Mr Jones." And he very possibly might and then we're done for. Get the picture?

Thank you for your time. Let's not give up on the Western Sydney Motorplex yet.  -  Julia Linney

Also from Australia comes news of a (hopefully) temporary setback to the Cowin Family Top Fuel Dragster racing team. For the time being, they will be parked and not running the NHRA circuit as in 1999. Read on for the full story:

Cowin Family race program on hold temporarily

The race program of the highly successful K&N/Auto Meter Top Fuel dragster has been placed on hold following medical advice to team owner Graeme Cowin. Graeme, who suffered a heart attack while in the US last year, will assess the situation later this year.

The All-Australian team powered the Andrew Cowin driven dragster to a series of world class passes which concluded in Andrew becoming the World's Quickest and Fastest Teenager with a magnificent 4.588 ET at 313 MPH.

Graeme had planned to compete at selected NHRA events this year, which at this stage have been cancelled until doctors give him the OK to handle the flying and travelling. "Also, I need to get my physical strength back to a comfortable level" Graeme commented.

"We achieved quite a lot in the races we competed in last year, the K&N/Auto Meter dragster performed well beyond our expectations and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us, both overseas and in Australia" Graeme added.

Driver, Andrew Cowin went on to say, "We have to consider a lot more than just Dad's health this year. The NHRA introduced a 90% (nitro) rule and a 75 minute turn-around time between elimination rounds. That would require complete drive lines from the fuel pumps, engine to clutch can, all ready to drop in, every run. We are not in a position to handle that at this point."

"John (Andrew's twin brother) and I will race our Chev Altered here in Australia which will be great. We intend to run the Nationals at Calder and we both want to compete at the Winternationals at Willowbank", enthused Andrew.

No doubt the desire to compete burns deep in the hearts of the Cowins and the crew which remains the world's quickest and fastest All-Australian team. The first 300 MPH pass on Australian soil still remains an unbroken barrier - stay tuned!  -  Tony Tipper

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