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The latest update as of January 24, 2000

. . . . so I'm going to resort to an old trick and fill up the space with a bunch of pics. If the saying goes: "one picture is worth a thousand words", then this update should be a almost a book worth of news. Trust me (he says), I'll be back later today/tonight with all the latest news from the world of drag racing.

Biggest news of the moment, from a local perspective, is the refusal by Australian Immigration to grant a visa to Canadian Top Fuel Harley racer, Ron Houniet. Check out the latest news on the situation in our Press Clippings index. For more background on the situation, go to the American Drag Bike Association website. For reaction from racers and fans, check out their Bench Racing forum: Ramblings from Australia. And for the full story on the series of drag bike races scheduled in Australia, check out: Top Fuel Harley World Series.

So, until later today, here's all those pics that I promised. Each one tells a story, and each one is connected to a story . . . you'll just have to wait a while to see what each one means, won't you? (Click on the "thumbnails" to see the full-size images).

Rachelle Splatt - sans firesuit OZ Motorsport Ladies Calendar Lisa Sherry
Just got my latest copy of the OZ Motorsport Ladies Calendar. Need I say more?

International Babe International Babe International Babe
Bob . . . Earth to Bob . . . Get back down to earth before you float away.
Uh, you see, I was just checking the photos for flaws . . . haven't found any yet.
BUT I'm still looking . . . and looking . . .   :-)

Mark Brew Gary Phillips
Two rounds of the Australian Top Alcohol Championship on consecutive weekends.
Gary Phillips won both; but Mark Brew was the quickest and fastest at both races.
Read all about in the Race Report index.

Ron Houniet
Unless something miraculous happens very quickly, this might be the closest
the Aussies will ever get to seeing "Rockin' Ron" Houniet in action.

Bader Bucks
Maybe Bill Bader (President of IHRA and Owner of Norwalk Raceway Park)
could help out Ron by posting a bond for him. He's apparently got the "bucks".

Boris - ex-crewman Cadillac Ranch Too much counterweight?
None of these have any significance at all.
They just look weird and are always good for a chuckle.
At least to someone with my "sense" of humour.
Note the cigarette dangling from the hand of the guy siphoning gasoline.
Looks like a candidate for the Northern Thunder crew doesn't he?
By the way, did I ever tell you about the time I showed the crew how non-flammable
Methanol is? Inside the shop? No . . . I guess I didn't.
Well, let's move on to other topics, shall we?

The Pilgrimage The Fornicator The Dominator
In the market for a new Sport Utility Vehicle?
Here's the latest models; guaranteed to impress the neighbors and the ladies

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