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The latest update as of December 4, 1999

Yesterday I received a message about a "possible" limitation on nitromethane percentage in Top Fuel and Funny Car proposed by NHRA, to come into effect on January 1, 2000. The message contained a release to the members of PRO (Professional Racers Owners Organization), from its executive director, Mike Lewis. In the header of the release, Lewis stated emphatically that no word was to be leaked to the media until PRO had prepared, and issued, a position statement on the matter.

That said, I'm rather leery of accepting this news on face value. There seems to be several other ways to accomplish NHRA's stated intention of: reducing explosion risks, down time due to breakage and frequent tire smoking runs, without reducing the percentage of nitro in the tank. For the record, the stated number to be allowed, starting next season, is 85 percent, to be checked after each run. NHRA has even, allegedly, contacted Dow Chemical to investigate the possibility of introducing a "spec" fuel, consisting of 85% nitro and 15% methanol, that would be tamper-proof and easy to check.

There is no news at this time as to this rule applying to the injected nitro cars in "Federal-Mogul" (Top Alcohol) dragster. If the rule was applied to the injected cars, that could make a radical change in their performance for 2000, and either level the playing field, or give the blown alky cars an advantage.

I'm reluctant to report on this story at all, as I'm really not sure of its validity, but I'll keep my eyes glued to the screen over the next few days, trying to find some corroboration. To see the full message, check out the latest Backfires!  And don't forget your salt shaker!

Stay tuned to Northern Thunder's What's New page for any further developments in this "breaking" story.

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