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The latest update as of August 20, 1999

We've been home from Australia for two weeks now and I'm still trying to catch up on things that have happened during my three month "vacation". It's amazing how far behind this website got during my absence. Three months worth of drag racing results, points standings, race reports, press clippings, Backfires!, etc.etc. Even the HOT Links page fell into disrepair. By the way, I spent several days just going through all those links; yes, ONE at a time, weeding out the dead ones, updating new locations and adding more than 100 new links.

The scanner's been running hot and heavy too, with literally hundreds of photos from my trip, plus dozens of new Aussie Drag Babes added to those galleries. The other photo galleries will be updated slowly over the next few weeks as other priorities, like getting back to my "real" job have to take precedence. It seems a little late now, but all the Backfires from June and July have been added to that section. (My missing suitcase finally turned up, having travelled to Japan for a long weekend, while I was returning from Australia).

So, where do we go from here? And where have we been? Over this coming weekend I hope to be able to post a full update on what's been (or not been) happening and what the future holds for the Northern Thunder racing team... and website. I've also got a few items to finish tidying up, such as my report on Glen May and the "Dream" season he's been having, plus the latest buzz and my views on the NHRA flip-flop on Top Alcohol (Federal-Mogul) rules for next season, plus, plus, plus. The latest news on the proposed new Western Sydney Motorplex (a vitally important issue for all drag racers in Australia -- including myself), the latest installment of that long-running Mission Raceway Park soap opera... " As The Wheel Turns ", and something I'm calling "from the greener pastures department", about all the racers shifting continents. From Australia to the USA, from Canada to Australia, from the USA to Europe, etc.

So, stay tuned to this page over the weekend as we attempt to clean up all the debris that accumulated during our absence and show you what we've been up to, where we've been and where we're going. It will be worth it... I hope.

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