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The latest update as of June 10, 1999

The sky is overcast, but no rain has fallen since early last night and the forceast is for improvement through today and fine weather right through the weekend. Thank goodness. It looks like the ongoing Winternationals success story will continue. Shortly after we arrive at the shop, Rob Oberg (Marketing Manager for Willowbank) calls to inform me that another new entry record has been set: 533 cars and bikes are entered for the Winternationals. And for the first time ever, there will be full fields in every category. Despite my personal gloom over not being able to compete, I'm feeling very happy for all my friends (new and old) who will be racing this weekend.

Today is "move-in" day at Willowbank, so shortly before noon we're loaded up and on the highway north. A leisurely ninety minute drive later and we're pulling through the competitor's gate at the track. First problem: No tickets and parking passes for R. Wilson, #1676, T/AD. "Your entry has been cancelled". Oh, oh. Time for a little bit of politicking with the "powers". Thirty minutes later, after some rather "creative" stories, we're back on the entry list and have the tickets. Ken, meanwhile, has no problems with his entry and soon he's parked in the assigned space and we're free to wander around and visit the other incoming racers.

The afternoon flies by in a series of free-range bench races with many old friends and acquaintances in the pits. Nearly two years after my first trip downunder, people who haven't seen me in the interval still remember me and are quick to say "G'Day, howzit goin'?" The story of why we won't be competing this weekend seems awfully stale by now, but each new encounter begs its repetition. As darkness falls, the skies finally clear and bring with them the promise of a fine weekend, weather wise. It's tough to be in my shoes right now, but at least everything seems to be going well for everyone else.

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