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The latest update as of June 2, 1999

Just when we think things are really coming together.... we find they can unravel faster than a speeding dragster. Today's that kind of day. I should have suspected something when that Kookaburra greeted me with its maniacal laugh as I pulled into Ken's driveway. First problem was the "it's fixed, mate" scanner... which worked perfectly in the computer shop, but failed to turn a wheel when we got it back to Ken's shop. Second item on the agenda was the tubing bender that I drove into Southport to pick up from the Snap-On dealer... which turned out to be the wrong size (to do the valve cover oiling system). Then came the capper.

Early in the afternoon I called OBM Customs Brokers to follow-up on the progress of the container through the official channels. No problem with the import approval on the dragster, a small query on the pickup truck... but there is a rather large problem with the container number. Oh, oh. I'd been wondering about that little detail ever since I'd booked the shipment back in April.

For some reason unfathomable to everyone on earth except the "brain-trust" at Hanjin Shipping Company, my container could not have an identification number ending in 0. So, in their infinite wisdom, they proceeded to change it to a 4. Seems like a a very small detail doesn't it? Especially when the first six digits are correct.

Unfortunately, small details are the forte of small minds, as in the minds of Customs and Government and Port officials. I've got proof of ownership of the container, proof of receipt at Casco Terminals (Vancouver, BC) and the Bill of Lading from the Steamship Line. (Not to mention all the receipts and invoices for all the goods inside). Sorry mate, that's still not enough. Got any flaming hoops? I'll somersault through them naked and upside down and backwards. How high do you want me to jump? I'll do it twice. JUST GIVE ME THE DAMNED CONTAINER !.

6:00 pm:   The sun's down, the sky is dark and so is the general mood here at Ken's shop. We're upset, worried... but not ready to admit defeat. We've still got to plan on being at the Winternats. Anything less would make the last month spent down here a complete waste of time. Last word for the day is Ken's: "Adapt, improvise and overcome". (US Marine Corp motto... but it fits, doesn't it?) PS: The next Kookaburra I see is going to be one dead bird.

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