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The latest update as of May 30, 1999

Not much to do today; a little slow off the mark after last night's racing action at Willowbank, so the clock ticks past noon before we really get in gear. Still, it isn't really a day off, as there are no days off when you're trying to put a race car together. Tom's still got a few days work left on the (first pair of) cylinder heads and I've got lots of details to work out and a website to attempt to update. (Not been very successful at that lately, have I ?)

As usual, it's another beautiful winter day here in South Queensland, with the sun shining brightly and the temperature in the mid 20's (nearly 80 F) before noon. With a light offshore breeze blowing, it would be a great day at the beach... but work comes first. Next year we'll get some time to stop and enjoy the scenery and our surroundings, but for now it's back to work.

5:00 pm:   As the daylight fades and another long night begins, it's time to head over to Ken's house and see what's happening on the internet -- at least that portion of it devoted to drag racing. Checking in at Horsepower Heaven, we see the latest updates on what's happening back home: the Bill Phillips Memorial Open House, the continuing destruction of what was my home (hope they're only kidding) and then it's off to the Drag Race Central results site.

This is the weekend of the Ashcroft, BC, NHRA Division Six FMDRS meet and the qualifying results are somewhat frustrating to look at. Only FIVE Top Alcohol (yeah, I know, Federal-Mogul) dragsters in attendance, so we would have been in the show and possibly had a chance to go a round or two. Ah well, the long-term plan, from my perspective, of keeping the car based downunder still seems to make the most sense. Still, it would have been a lot of fun to have run the Mission and Ashcroft points meets this year before moving the car downunder. Too late for that now mate, and as Bill P. always reminded me: Qwitcher bitchin'...

Last stop on our web travels tonight is the Willowbank Raceway site, where we can check out the entry list (aka: the competition) for the Winternationals. While we're there, it's time to get my entry in, over the internet, before I forget and most especially, before the entries close. Enter a National Event over the internet? Only in Australia, mate. Very sensible, immediate and with a secure server in place, no worries about burning up the credit card.

When we logged on, there were six entries for Top Alcohol... and now there's seven. However, there are still five more days before the deadline and two of the regulars, Mark Brew and Paul Shackleton, aren't on the list yet. Assuming they're going to be in, that makes at least a nine-car field. No freebie, Bob. If you want to qualify, you'll have to earn it.

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