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The latest update as of April 13, 1999

No real news today, with the exception of the departure in a few hours of our container (with the truck, race car and my only reason to exist) on an 8000-mile trip across the equator, the international dateline and to the (almost) other end of the world. And you thought I was nervous already... try to imagine all the horrible thoughts that will be running through my head for the next 38 days. Storms, breakdowns, lost at sea, etc.etc.

The only consolation I've got at the moment is last night's sunset - brilliant red - and the old mariner's saying: "red sky at night, sailors delight". However, if I wake up to a red sky tomorrow, the flipside of that equation will be ringing in my ears: "red sky in morning, sailors take warning". Me, superstitious? No, not a bit... well, maybe a little bit... (tell the truth Bob) OKAY, maybe a lot....

Vancouver Sunset Vancouver Sunset

Vancouver Harbour North Shore Mountains

The harbour view is looking out my living room window to the south
The mountain view is looking out the side window to the west

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