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The latest update as of April 12, 1999

Earlier today I had lots of plans for a big update tonight, talking about all the records set over the weekend and the success of local and not so local racers. Plus, I wanted to thank everyone who's visited Northern Thunder for their continued support of my efforts, evidenced by nearly 2000 visitors to this website last week. (A new one week record). Thanks to everyone for dropping in.

As the evening wore on, and the scanner slowly converted my new race car photos to jpg's, the reality of trying to get much else done dawned on me. So, you'll just have to wait - or go elsewhere - to read what happened over the weekend - at least for a day or two. Big day tomorrow, obviously, with the ship - my ship - arriving and the car finally on its way to Australia. In the meantime, here's a few snapshots of what we did over the weekend. (Click on the photos to see the full-size versions).

New Northern Thunder Bob at the wheel

New Northern Thunder

New Northern Thunder

Casco Terminals staging lanes

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