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The latest update as of April 6, 1999

What's really happening with the race car Bob? When's it going to leave for Australia? Reality, this time in the form of bad weather, has bitten us again. Instead of arriving last Saturday, the Hanjin Kobe has been delayed by storms in the North Pacific and now won't arrive until Tuesday afternoon. Estimated time of departure -- at this moment -- is Wednesday afternoon. After all the delays, frustrations and re-drawn plans of the past year this has to rank as a very minor inconvenience.

No time (at the moment) to add any more news, but stay tuned this week and next for all the latest shipping news, including those long-awaited (you have been waiting, haven't you?) pictures of the new car and the container being loaded aboard the ship. In the meantime, we've got some new Backfire! bits to read and more coming. (Replies to some of them are lacking at the moment, though). In fact, I'm still working on updating all the Backfire(s)! from last month! Stay tuned, it's just starting to get interesting around here.

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