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The latest update as of March 28, 1999

Another busy weekend and no time for a real update, but we just had to share some "photos" (remember: I'm NOT a photographer) from our Friday night engine assembly and pizza party at High Performance Engines in Burnaby. The whole gang stayed late and helped Tom do the final "mock-up" of the engine before we pack it in the container. (As you'll see, my only contribution was providing the "fuel" to make it happen).

At this point I've got to give some major credit to a growing number of people who have made this big adventure possible. Sure, it's my money, but without Tom Mohan doing the design, fabrication, porting and assembly, Roy Roman doing the welding on the manifold, Dave and Bud Childs doing the block modifications and engine balancing, T-Bone doing the cylinder heads, Jim Brokensha helping Tom with the machine work . . . I would never have gotten this far without all their help. Guys, I can't thank you enough. I guess the best thing we can do to show our gratitude is go out and pound the ground at Willowbank in two months.

Bob Tom

A final quick note about the continuing success of Glen May's "Cranberry Connection" Pro Mod on the IHRA National Event trail. Following a #12 qualifying position at the rained-out Winter Nationals at Darlington, South Carolina, two weeks ago, Glen upped the ante considerably at this weekend's Amalie Oil Nationals (Bradenton, Florida), qualifying #3 with a 6.42 at 215 mph. Interestingly, in the #2 spot is Ontario's Al Billes and in #5 is Australia's Troy Critchley. There's a serious chance that someone other than an American will be in the winner's circle at Desoto Memorial tonight. Good luck to all the "foreigners", especially B.C.'s Glen May.

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