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The latest update as of March 25, 1999

This "update" really isn't anything newsworthy, simply a few random notes for anyone who's been wondering how things are going. Simply put, YES, we're getting very close to packing up and shipping the car to Australia. NO, the car isn't finished yet -- not even close, but almost everything is here now and by the end of this week Tom should have the engine mocked up again. Then we find out if all the new stuff that's arrived recently fits. Then we go back to the drawing board and try to figure out why and how it doesn't fit. (Hopefully this time around, everything will just fall into place, but we've quit being surprised everytime it doesn't).

Still on the backorder list is one large (and expensive) component - the clutch. Silly me, thinking they actually had them sitting on the shelf at Crower. Well they did, three months ago, but he who hesitates is lost or he who snoozes, loses. Etc. Anyways as the deadline(s) draw nearer, the nervousness and excitement continue to build and the workload shows no signs of easing up anytime soon. One big relief will be when the container leaves at the end of next week, then the second one will be when the plane takes off on May 5th.

Then, after eight months with only .... what, four days off? ... I'll be on a well-earned holiday for six weeks. Yeah, a vacation. Nothing to do but thrash on a race car eighteen hours a day for a month and a half... Believe me, it will be seem so much easier than the dramas of the last eight months. However, we still much work to do before that happens, and that said, for those who have been patiently (very patiently I might add), waiting for replies to e-mails, letters, phone calls, etc.... Please bear with me for another two weeks. I'll have some "free" (or at least reasonably priced) time then to start catching up things, but until the container leaves there's not a moment to spare.

During that time updates here will be short and infrequent, but I hope everyone can understand my situation. Trust me, we're not intentionally ignoring anyone, but there are priorities, and the race car is Number One right now. In fact, it ranks well above such mundane activities as eating, sleeping, etc. The other major priority is my regular job on the waterfront, because when "the money stops, the party stops". Hang in there folks and thanks for all the kind messages of support and offers of help in our big adventure downunder. They are all much appreciated. And thanks to everyone who has made "Northern Thunder" such a popular place to visit. Sometimes I seriously wonder why people come here so often, but we must be doing something right.

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