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The latest update as of March 23, 1999

We've all heard the old adage about a "picture being worth a thousand words"... So, since I'm just too darn tired to put anything witty, entertaining or even sensible on this page today, I'll leave you with a few snapshots of what crewchief Tom Mohan and our good friend Roy Roman have been doing for the last two weeks. We still have to weld the top (mounting) plate on the intake manifold and it HAS to be done this Saturday, as the departure date for Australia is coming up very soon... almost too soon.

Here's a sample of what our greetings by Australian Customs will be like: "Anything to declare gentlemen?" . . . "Uh, just a clutch, set of pushrods, some gaskets, blower belts, and a pair of cylinder heads" "I see, and what is the purpose of your trip?" . . . "Uh, pleasure, that's it ... pleasure" "And what kind of weird "pleasures" will you chaps be engaging in with all these "items" . . . "Do we get one phone call? ... To Ken Lowe perhaps?"

Blower Manifold
Blower Manifold Blower Manifold
Blower Manifold Blower Manifold

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In case you aren't real clear on the concept - I'm NOT a photographer!

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