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The latest update as of March 6, 1999


Just received some news from a well-placed source in Southern California. It will be announced by NHRA on this coming Monday that for the year 2000... NO MORE INJECTED NITRO DRAGSTERS IN FEDERAL-MOGUL DRAGSTER.

In addition, the blown alcohol dragsters will be limited to a maximum of 470 cubic inches, a minimum weight of 2150 lbs. and forthcoming (to be announced at a later date) blower overdrive restrictions for the dragsters and funny cars. (Presumably less than the currently allowed 115-125 % for the PSI's and 52-60 % for Whipples).

NHRA's reasoning was, that before it gets "worse", there are currently 93 licensed blown cars and only 19 injected cars, so which number of people would you rather have angry at you?

More news as it develops on this MAJOR story. I'm almost certain we haven't heard the last word on this development... not by a long shot. By the way, none of the foregoing will have any effect on the following update -- posted just thirty minutes ago.

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