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The latest update as of February 10, 1999

Sorry everyone. There's tons of news to report, but time is the enemy as usual. The last week has seen a real surge in Backfire! reports and updating that page has used up all my "free" time. So, in the absence of anything on this page, check out all the latest Backfires! for some entertainment value.

I'll try to get something done news-wise tomorrow and catch up on all the happenings down at Pomona last weekend, look ahead to this weekend's Top Alcohol race at Adelaide (Australia) and bring another installment in our continuing "success" story, aka "Bob's Big (Bad) B-1 Adventure".

Stay tuned for the latest (and getting later all the time) news from the world of drag racing within the next 24 hours. Remember our motto: "All the news thats fits ... even if we have to make it up ourselves"

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