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The latest update as of December 29, 1998

You guessed it... still no "Year in Review" like I've been promising for what seems like a week now. Still, I'm further ahead than my "sparring" partner, Larry Pfister, who "crashed and burned" before he even finished his Christmas Special (aka: The New Year's Special). As long as it doesn't become the "Easter Special" eh, Larry??

Even more feedback, or if you will, BACKFIRE's! have been rolling in, including one from my Boxing Day "opponent", Bob Wilber himself. Plus some more bad news from NHRA about how they don't like the way (or is it the content?) that I write. Seems I'm better at getting other people's "motors" running than my own...

Since I've still got nearly 48 hours before the year is over, the "Review" will be done, so don't forget to tune in on New Year's Day to see my version of "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been". Today's update will close with a view of where we started in the web world, with a copy of the "Home Page" from the first month. Please, no snide comments about it being an improvement on the current site....

Thunder January, 1998

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