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The latest update as of November 19, 1998

At this moment (7:15 pm Pacific Standard Time) on Thursday evening, I'm just too busy with some other projects to write something in this space. We have updated the BACKFIRE page, so go there to see what's new for now. Later tonight we hope to have FIVE more pages of North American Drag Babes for your viewing pleasure. Hang on a few hours, we're working on it. And before we head off to work - 66th consecutive graveyard shift tonight - we'll have a "What's New" update.

Well, it's now almost midnight and I've only managed to do a remake of the first page of the North American Drag Babes photo gallery. So it will have to be tomorrow night - at least - before I can do another update here. Really, what's more important? Babes or News? Yeah, I knew you'd see it my way .... Bring on those Drag Babes, Bob! By the way, we have over 100 already scanned and more coming as soon as the scanner cools off enough ...

Tune in again tomorrow for more news and girls and whatever ....

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