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The latest update as of August 21, 1998

Despite an apparent lack of activity as reflected on the "What's New" page, we have been busy working on the site this week. Lots of new (and some very old) articles have been added to the Press Clippings index. Over the next three days we will be updating results (almost) as they happen from the NHRA Visionaire Northstar Nationals at Brainerd, Minnesota. And of course, as soon as the race is finished, we will have the updated Top Fuel and Top Alcohol Dragster points standings posted.

Good News dept: After a short break from the action, Larry Pfister has recharged his personal batteries and has lots of updates on the Horsepower Heaven 3 website. It's especially heartening to see that my "faux pas" of last week didn't cause any (apparent) lasting damage to one of the best drag racing sites on the net. Speaking of great websites, sharp eyes have spotted an article titled Money, Marketing and Nitro on Michael Ray's great Heads-Up Review site. The article, written by a "struggling Canadian alcohol dragster racer" is receiving lots of attention by a much larger audience than we can generate and has prompted some very complimentary responses.

In the coming weeks we plan to fill in the gaps on many of the pages around this site and polish up some neglected parts before we attempt anymore new projects. One new item that will be coming soon though is the first issue of a newsletter for a new (and as yet, un-named) international association of drag racers. The main focus of this new organization will be to address the problems in Top Alcohol racing. Membership, however, will not be limited to alcohol racers only, as there are many classes and types of cars facing similar problems and inequities with the current system(s). More news on the newsletter and association will be posted as soon as possible. In the meantime, any feedback or requests for more information will be gladly received at Northern Thunder.

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