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The latest update as of August 6, 1998

The article "MONEY, MARKETING and NITRO" has been moved to our Press Clippings index. To see what is going wrong with NHRA Federal-Mogul (aka: Top Alcohol) racing, please read it. You might also be interested to know that the NHRA Division Six Director, Chris Blair has seen it, downloaded, printed and distributed to the members of the Rules Committee. They will be reviewing it at their next series of meetings in Indianapolis following the US Nationals. Apparently the word is getting out and possibly through to some of the people who make the decisions for us. At the very least, they know what at least one racer is thinking (and doing) about the situation.

In case you're looking for an alternative (any alternative) to NHRA drag racing, here's two more (or is it four?) very good reasons to go racing in Australia. Any bidders for their names and phone numbers?

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