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The latest update as of June 14, 1998

G'Day Mates! I'm back from downunder, with lots of great memories of a race that just didn't want to end. Three days of great weather, some great performances and (unfortunately for those involved) some spectacular crashes. The race finally ended at 11 pm. on the Sunday night, but it didn't stop there as after the trophy presentations, the parties started... and continued in some cases until NOON Monday! I knew it was going to be a long night when I returned to my motel at 2:30 am. and the racers in the next room were just starting up the barbecue! Australian's dearly love their drag racing, but it seems they work even harder at partying!

Time has not stood still while I've been away though. Best news of the past two weeks is the re-birth of Larry Pfister's Horsepower Heaven website, with a new emphasis and some great audioclips from the days of Bill Doner and the 64 Funny Cars! shows at S.I.R. It's great to have Larry back online, and keep checking out his site as it builds up to full speed.

If you're a regular visitor to NORTHERN THUNDER you'll notice things have been static for the past few weeks, and it's going to take awhile to catch up on everything that's happened while I was downunder. Just give us some time to make all the updates, and more improvements to the site. And don't forget the big Top Alcohol show at Mission Raceway Park on June 27-28. The NHRA National Open sponsored by our good friends at MOPAC Auto Supply should be quite an event. And of course we'll have the Top Alcohol Dragster results posted on our Results page.

More news soon, including some great stories from my Australian trip, news about our 1999 "NORTHERN THUNDER downunder Tour", and the latest updates about the progress on finishing our new Top Alcohol car.

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