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Chris Morel - Nitro Funny Car ---

(LEFT) Making his national event debut is Chris Morel in his "Charger" nitro funny car. (RIGHT) Making his Vegas debut is Top Alcohol Funny Car contender (currently #5 in the points standings) Bob McCosh Jr., all the way from Columbia, Missouri.


(LEFT) Lurking under the big awning are the two Kansas killer Kars, with Julie Nataas (cuirrently #3 in the Top Alcohol Dragster standings), and in the background, her teammate and defending champion Megan Meyer. (RIGHT) Putting on his "game face" is Top Alcohol Dragster points leader Shawn Cowie as he aims to upgrade the number on his rear wing from #2 to #1.

The early bird gets the best parking spot as our intrepid lensman, BIG Bob Snyder slides his road warrior van into an otherwise empty media parking lot.


Due to an uncooperative (ie. crap) wi-fi at Motel "5.9", our photographer was only able to transmit two pictures from yesterday's Top Alcohol qualifying at Las Vegas. Thankfully they were images of the top cars in each class. Much more to come later today though and throughout the weekend. Stay tuned!

(near lane) Brian Hough vs (far lane) Greg Bellemeur --- (near lane) Shawn Cowie vs (far lane) Megan Meyer

(LEFT) Normally you would expect these two cars to be the last pair in a qualifying session, but after 9- and 10-second runs in the first session, Brian Hough in the near lane, and Greg Bellemeur in the far lane, were the first cars out of the waterbox to start the second (and final) qualifier. They both improved dramatically, with Hough jumping from #15 to the top of the ladder with a 5.464 - 267.75 pass, while Bellemeur nearly matched his numbers as he leaped from #16 to #2, courtesy of a 5.487 - 264.96 clocking.

(RIGHT) The story for this pair is the opposite of the Funny Cars, as they finished the first session in the top two spots, and stayed there on the final qualifying sheets. To show the consistency of these teams, they were the quickest cars in both qualifying sessions. In the far lane, Megan Meyer followed up her 5.203 - 271.79 with an almost as good 5.236 - 269.56 pass, while on the near side, Shawn Cowie fell off slightly from his earlier 5.208 - 276.80 to a merely very good 5.258 - 276.13 in the final session. Interestingly, Cowie had the two fastest passes of qualifying at over 276-mph, beating out the BIG horsepower of the A/Fuel cars.

Following the first PRO qualifying session, which was slowed somewhat by cone blasting, engine destroying, rearend locking, etc incidents, the Top Alcohol cars waited patiently in the staging lanes for their first round of eliminations. With two rounds of eliminations scheduled for today (second one at approx. 6:30 pm), there could be some major changes in the dragster championship before the day is over. In fact, Shawn Cowie could be crowned the new champion if his two pursuers from the Meyer Racing team, Megan Meyer and Julie Nataas lose in either the first or second round. To make that possibility a reality, Cowie would have to at least win his first round match with Dusty Green in the one-of-a-kind driver forward A/Fuel Dragster.

Greg Anderson PRO --- Eddie Krawiece PSM

Ron Capps F/C --- Matt Hagan F/C

Billy Torrence T/F --- Steve Torrence T/F

Megan Meyer A/FD --- Shawn Cowie B/AD

Terry Haddock F/C --- Jack Beckman F/C

Cruz Pedregon F/C --- Dave Richards F/C

Chris Morel F/C --- Jim Campbell F/C

Alexis DeJoria F/C ---l Tim Wilkerson F/C

Tommy Johnson Jr. F/C --- Paul Lee F/C

Matt Hagan F/C --- Tony Schumacher T/F

Steve Torrence T/F --- Leah Pruett T/F

Jim Whiteley P/M --- (near lane) Justin Jones vs (far lane) 
Clint Satterfield P/M

Justin Bond PM

Megan Meyer A/FD --- Jackie Fricke A/FD

Shawn Cowie B/AD --- Chip Beverett TA/FC

Annie Whiteley TA/FC --- Chris Marshall's Backup Wife - Brianna

Bob McCosh TA/FC --- Scoreboard

(LEFT) Launching hard enroute to another low 5.50 pass, Bob McCosh Jr.

(RIGHT) The numbers on the board don't tell the full story, with Bob McCosh Jr.'s 5.552 - 265.64 pass taking the winlight over Chris Marshall's better 5.461 - 267.96, courtesy of an .042 to .104 holeshot. The margin of victory at the stripe was just one thousandth of a second. And that's all we've got from yesterday's qualifying.



Cody Lane E/SMA --- Terry Emmons SS/BS

(LEFT) Hangin' 'em high on the launch in the Hancock & Lane E/SMA Cavalier is North Bend, WA's Cody Lane, enroute to a win over the just barely in the extreme left corner of the frame, Doug Engels in his D/Dragster. Lane didn't have a great start to the weekend, qualifying at the very bottom of the 14-car Comp field, but marched through eliminations and took the final round with a quicker pass and great light (.009), for a convincing seventh national event win.

(RIGHT) At the conclusion of six rounds of eliminations, it was Terry Emmons in his little SS/BS Cavalier (popular little cars eh?) taking the Super Stock trophy, his eighth national event victory, over the wild wheelstanding SS/JA Camaro of Pennsylvania's Bryan Wormer (seen below). With the handicap headstart, Wormer redlighted away his chances, and even though Emmons also left before the green, the first or worst rule always applies.

Bryan Wormer SS/JA --- Bryan Wormer SS/JA

The old adage of "if ya can't be good... at least be spectacular" certainly applies in this instance, as Bryan Wormer leaves with the front end heading for the moon as he registers an automatic loss in the Super Stock final with his red-light start.

(left lane) David Barton vs 
(right lane) Aaron Stanfield FSS Final --- Aaron Stanfield FSS

With a restricted 9" wide rear tire, the Factory Stock cars have to work very hard to keep them biting, so launching with the front end high is necessary to get enough weight on the rear wheels to keep them hooked up. Both finalists did it well, with (left side)


Al Kenny T/D --- Bradley Johnson T/D

Bradley Johnson T/D --- Marko Perivolaris S/C


Darian Bosch T/S --- Darian Bosch T/S

Jeff Connolly T/S --- Bryan Warr T/S


Dan Meziere T/S --- Dan Meziere T/S


Bob McCosh Jr. --- Chip Beverett

Bob McCosh Jr. (near lane) vs 
Chip Beverett (far lane) --- Bob McCosh Jr. (near lane) vs 
Chip Beverett (far lane)

Doug Gordon --- Greg Bellemeur

Greg Bellemeur (near lane) vs 
Doug Gordon (far lane) --- Grege Bellemeur (near lane) vs 
Doug Gordon (far lane)


Bob McCosh Jr. TA/FC --- Bob McCosh Jr. TA/FC

Two views of the Top Alcohol Funny Car runner-up, Bob McCosh Jr., burning out on the left, and launching hard with the front wheels just off the concrete on the right. Although he had the better numbers 5.499 - 266.64, to winner Greg Bellemeur's almost-as-good 5.500 - 266.06, the reaction times told the tale. Bellemeur's .028 light covered McCosh's good, but not quite good enough, .058 time, and the margin at the 1320 mark was a little more than half a car length.


Megan Meyer --- Megan Meyer (near lane) 
vs Jackie Fricke (far lane)

Shawn Cowie (near lane) 
vs Joey Severance (far lane)


Megan Meyer A/FD --- Joey Severance B/AD

On the left side, it's the defending Top Alcohol Dragster national champion, Megan Meyer,,,, doing her burnout. On the right, it's former four-time champ, Joey Severance launching hard, but all for naught as he was off the throttle before half track and slowed to a losing 7.126 - 128.70 time. After a very quick leave and major holeshot on Meyer (.015 light to .176), Severance was unable to hold the lead.

Taking the win, and clinching a repeat national championship was Meyer, who kept up her pace with a great 5.200 - 281.07 (top speed of the meet) in what might have been her final pass down a dragstrip. She recently announced her retirement from the sport following her marriage last weekend. Whether she stays retired forever remains to be seen.


Khalid alBalooshi --- Khalid alBalooshi

Brandon Pesz --- Chad Green

Brandon Pesz --- Brandon Snider

Brandon Snider --- Clint Satterfield

Justin Bond --- Jim Whiteley

Stevie Jackson --- Stevie Jackson

Justin Jones --- Mike Janis


Khalid alBalooshi --- Chad Green

Khalid alBalooshi (near 
lane) vs Chad Green (far lane)

Justin Bond --- Mike Janis

Mike Janis (near lane) 
vs Justin Bond (far lane)

Brandon Snider --- Stevie Jackson

Brandon Snider (near lane) 
vs Stevie Jackson (far lane) --- Brandon Snider (near lane) 
vs Stevie Jackson (far lane)


Justin Bond --- Khalid alBalooshi

Khalid alBalooshi --- Stevie Jackson


Khalid alBalooshi PM --- Steve Jackson PM

With a short (11-car) field, the Bahrain 1 team filled the semi-final round, with all three of their cars advancing to that round of competition. Then it was down to the final two, with (on the left) Khalid alBalooshi burning out in his ProCharger-equipped 2019 Camaro, while (on the right) the screw-blown 2018 Camaro of Stevie "Fast" Jackson lights up the big Goodyears.

(left lane) Khalid alBalooshi vs 
(right lane) Steve Jackson Pro Mod Final --- Steve Jackson PM

When the lights came down, Jackson (right side) left first by a few hundredths, followed closely by alBalooshi (left side), with his front wheels higher on the launch. Jackson steadily increased his lead until alBalooshi shut off at the 1000' mark, and coasted to a losing 5.890 - 224.96, while Jackson blasted into the winners circle with a better 5.789 - 247.47 timeslip. It was a double celebration for Jackson, as he clinched his second consecutive Pro Mod championship with a win over Brandon Snider in the second round of eliminations.


Greg Justice (near lane) 
vs Jay Turner (far lane) --- Greg Justice (near lane) 
vs Jay Turner (far lane)

Rickey House (near lane) 
vs Mike Scott (far lane) --- Rickey House (near lane) 
vs Mike Scott (far lane)

Mike Scott

Randal Andras (near lane) 
vs Ryan Peery (far lane) --- Randal Andras (near lane) 
vs Ryan Peery (far lane)

Tii Tharpe --- Tii Tharpe


Jay Turner --- Tii Tharpe


(left lane) Ricky House vs 
(right lane) Jay Turner TFH Final --- Jay Turner TFH

One of the fan favourite categories, Top Fuel Harley whittled the 8-bike field down to the finalists, Ricky House (left side) against long-time dominator in the class, Jay Turner (right side). Despite a quicker (.041 to .059) leave by House, it was Turner putting on the winlight with a bike-length margin at the finish line, and the boards showing the 6.390 - 214.96 decision in Turner's favour, over House's not quite good enough 6.444 - 214.79 effort.


Ryan Oehler (near lane) 
vs Hector Arana Jr. (far lane) --- Angie Smith

Freddie Camarena --- Scotty Pollacheck

Steve Johnson --- Steve Johnson (near lane) 
vs Kelly Clontz (far lane)

Matt Smith --- Cory Reed

Chris Bostick


Angie Smith --- Angie Smith

Steve Johnson --- Steve Johnson


Angie Smith PSM --- (near lane) Angie Smith vs 
(far lane) Steve Johnson

Starting Line celebration --- Angie Smith on the big screen


Erica Enders PRO --- Kyle Koretsky PRO

(near lane) Erica Enders vs 
(far lane) Kyle Koretsky --- Starting Line celebration

FUNNY CAR - Round One

Paul Lee --- Jack Beckman

Paul Lee (left) vs 
Jack Beckman (right) --- Paul Lee

Terry Haddock --- Alexis DeJoria

Alexis DeJoria (left) 
vs Terry Haddock (right) --- Terry Haddock

Cruz Pedregon --- Matt Hagan

Matt Hagan --- Matt Hagan

Matt Hagan (left) vs 
Cruz Pedregon (right) --- Cruz Pedregon

Chris Morel --- Ron Capps

Tommy Johnson Jr. --- Tommy Johnson Jr. (left) 
vs Jim Campbell (right)

Jim Campbell --- Dave Richards

Bob Tasca III --- Bob Tasca III (left) 
vs Dave Richards (right)

Dave Richards --- Blake Alexander

Steven Densham --- Blake Alexander (left) 
vs Steven Densham (right)

Steven Densham --- Blake Alexander

Blake Alexander --- Blake Alexander

Blake Alexander --- Tim Wilkerson

Tim Wilkerson (left) 
vs J.R. Todd (right) --- Tim Wilkerson

Tim Wilkerson (left) vs 
J.R. Todd (right) --- Tim Wilkerson (left) vs 
J.R. Todd (right) --- Tim Wilkerson (left) vs 
J.R. Todd (right)
Tim Wilkerson (left) vs 
J.R. Todd (right) --- Tim Wilkerson (left) vs 
J.R. Todd (right)

FUNNY CAR - Round Two

J.R. Todd --- Ron Capps

Blake Alexander --- Alexis DeJoria

Alexis DeJoria (left) 
vs Blake Alexander (right) --- Blake Alexander

Bob Tasca III --- Tommy Johnson Jr.

Bob Tasca III (left) 
vs Tommy Johnson Jr. (right) --- Tommy Johnson Jr.

Paul Lee --- Matt Hagan

Matt Hagan (left) vs 
Paul Lee (right) --- Paul Lee

FUNNY CAR - Semi-Final

Ron Capps --- Tommy Johnson Jr.

Alexis DeJoria --- Matt Hagan

Matt Hagan


Ron Capps F/C burnout --- Matt Hagan F/C burnout

On the left side, burning out in preparation for the final, is Ron Capps, while on the right side we've got Matt Hagan

(near lane) Matt Hagan vs 
(far lane) Ron Capps --- Matt Hagan F/C launch

(LEFT) Launching from the left side is Matt Hagan enroute to a winning 3.914 - 326.40 pass, putting a great exclamation mark on his championship season. On the right side, Ron Capps left hard, but ran into trouble before half track, slowing to a losing 4.463 - 173.70 in the losing effort.

(RIGHT) One final shot of Hagan with the flames up putting down some serious power.

TOP FUEL - Round One

Jim Maroney --- Troy Buff

Troy Buff (left) vs 
Jim Maroney (right) --- Jim Maroney

Leah Pruett --- Leah Pruett (left) vs 
Chris Karamesines (right)

Tony Schumacher --- Antron Brown

Antron Brown (left) vs 
Tony Schumacher (right) --- Antron Brown (left) vs 
Tony Schumacher (right)

Doug Kalitta --- Justin Ashley

Doug Kalitta (left) vs 
Justin Ashley (right) --- Doug Kalitta

Cameron Ferre --- Billy Torrence

Billy Torrence (left) vs 
Cameron Ferre (right) --- Cameron Ferre

Clay Millican --- Shawn Langdon

Shawn Langdon (left) vs 
Clay Millican (right) --- Clay Millican

Kebin Kinsley --- Steve Torrence (left) vs 
Kebin Kinsley (right)

Kebin Kinsley

TOP FUEL - Round Two

Billy Torrence --- Billy Torrence

Steve Torrence --- Leah Pruett

Justin Ashley --- Clay Millican

Antron Brown --- Clay Millican

TOP FUEL - Semi-Final

Justin Ashley --- Justin Ashley

Antron Brown --- Billy Torrence

TOP FUEL - Final

Antron Brown --- Steve Torrence (left) 
vs Antron Brown (right)


Steve Torrence --- The Scoreboards