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The 35th annual Magic Dry Absorbent Arizona Nationals - Friday Qualifying (Chandler, AZ)

Starting Line at 8:30 am --- Nitro Pits at 9:30 am

Blake Alexander FC --- Jeff Diehl FC

Phil Burkart FC --- Tim Wilkerson FC

Jim Campbell FC --- Matt Hagan FC

Bob Tasca III FC --- Cruz Pedregon FC

Shawn Langdon FC --- Ron Capps FC

Tommy Johnson Jr --- John Force FC

Jack Beckman FC --- Jim Maroney TF

Clay Millican TF --- Scott Palmer TF

Antron Brown TF --- Leah Pritchett TF

Austin Prock TF

The 35th annual Magic Dry Absorbent Arizona Nationals - Saturday Qualifying (Chandler, AZ)

Alan Prusiensky PS --- Jeg Coughlin Jr. PS

Greg Anderson PS --- Rodger Brogdon PS

Val Smeland PS --- Matt Hartford PS

Erica Enders PS --- Bo Butner PS

Bo Butner PS --- Full Grandstands

Terry Totten TF --- Mike Salinas TF

Terry Haddock FC --- Jim Campbell FC

Ron Capps FC --- Phil Burkart FC

(LEFT) Comin' right at ya is Ron Capps as he gets out-of-shape on the burnout, but got things under control on the run, to the tune of a 3.95 - 315.49 timeslip. (RIGHT) The Robert Schwab flopper, driven by Phil Burkart launches into instant tire smoke, shutting off to an 11-second pass on this qualifying attempt. However, he still improved by nearly five seconds, but stayed outside the field in the #17 position.

Electric COPO Camaro burnout --- Electric COPO Camaro launch

(LEFT) & (RIGHT) The small inscription on the cowl induction hood says it all "800 VOLTS" as Hancock & Lane take a giant step into the future, with the all-electric COPO Camaro. The car made a number of runs during the event and racked up some pretty impressive times and speeds.

Kevin Boyer TFH --- Jim Maroney TF

Antron Brown TF --- Leah Pritchett TF

Jordan Vandergriff TF --- Jack Beckman FC

The 35th annual Magic Dry Absorbent Arizona Nationals - Sunday Eliminations (Chandler, AZ)

As has been the standard since the beginning of time, TOP FUEL opened the show on Sunday morning at Wild Horse Motorsports Park. With the single, abbreviated qualifying session on Friday, and only two full rounds of qualifying on Saturday, many of the teams were still struggling to refine their tuneups before the all-important first round of eliminations.

Scott Palmer vs Mike Salinas TF --- Jordan Vandergriff vs Brittany Force TF

(LEFT) It's Scott Palmer (left side) vs Mike Salinas (right side) in the 1st round of Top Fuel. As you can see, Palmer is starting to smoke the tires as he passes the tree. He ended up crossing the centerline, taking out the 330' cones while Salinas had his engine go south and left him coasting to a 5-second pass for the round win.

(RIGHT) Making his competition debut in a Top Fuel car, Jordan Vandergriff (left side) leaves first against Brittany Force and drives away from her with a new career best of 3.69 at 33.41 for Top Speed of The Meet. Adding injury to insult, Force oiled the track for the second race in a row, taking an early lead in the "OilDown" standings.

Jim Maroney TF --- Doug Kaliita vs Jim Maroney TF

(LEFT) It's local racer Jim Maroney in deep against one of the big guns. (RIGHT) It's Doug Kalitta on the left side, launching hard enroute to a 3.74 - 322 mph pass against Maroney's early shutoff 6-second pass.

Antron Brown vs Steve Torrence TF --- Terry McMillen vs Richie Crampton TF

(LEFT) In what might be considered a bit of an upset, Antron Brown easily defeated the 2018 World Champion Steve Torrence, with a 3.728 - 330.63 clocking, to Torrence's 3.93 - 256.50 pass. However, with Torrence qualifying 14th and Brown in the #3 slot, the result wasn't entirely unexpected.

(RIGHT) The only upset factor in the next pair was Terry McMillen's (left side) career best qualifying position (#2) and e.t. and mph numbers at 3.695 - 330.96, giving him lane choice by a decided margin over Richie Crampton (right side), and it carried over into the first round as McMillen pounded out a very good 3.726 - 329.02 to run away from Crampton's early shutoff 4.06 - 215.79 losing effort.

Billy Torrence vs Terry Totten TF --- Austin Prock vs Clay Millican TF

(LEFT) No upsets in this pairing, as Billy Torrence (left) easily took care of Terry Totten (right) by a 3.736 - 329.42 to a "no time" result. Totten instantly smoked the tires and crossed the centerline to DQ his time. (RIGHT)

Leah Pritchett vs Cameron Ferre TF --- Tim Wilkerson vs Jack Beckman FC

John Force vs Ron Capps FC --- J.R. Todd vs Terry Haddock FC

Robert Hight FC --- Matt Hagan vs Phil Burkart FC

Tommy Johnson Jr vs Jim Campbell FC --- Blake Alexander FC

Cruz Pedregon FC

Ray Martin burnout TS --- Ray Martin launch TS

(LEFT) and (RIGHT) Here's two shots of Alaska's Ray Martin burning out and launching in his first round race. He qualified in the #6 spot in the Top Sportsman field with a solid 6.72 - 204.23 pass, but he slowed to a 6.84 (on his 6.75 dial-in) to bow out early in eliminations.

Kevin Boyer TFH

Billy Torrence TF --- Jordan Vandergriff TF

Leah Pritchett TF --- Antron Brown TF

Robert Hight vs John Force FC

Robert Hight FC --- Jack Beckman FC

Shawn Langdon FC --- Under the hood of the electric COPO Camaro

Beau Layne TFH --- Beau Layne TFH

Doug Vancil vs Bob Malloy TFH --- Doug Vancil vs Bob Malloy TFH

Leah Pritchett vs Antron Brown TF --- Leah Pritchett vs Antron Brown TF

Billy Torrence vs Jordan Vandergriff TF

Matt Hagan vs Bob Tasca III FC --- Robert Hight vs JR Todd FC