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Saturday Photo Gallery

NOTE" Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size images

Warhawk jet funny car BioDiesel jet funny car

Two of the feature attractions were front and center in the pits: on the left, the Warhawk driven by Derek Snelson and on the right, the BioDiesel of Saskatchewan's Kevin Therres.

Kevin Therres jet engine Gravity Storm and Volcano

To the left, the big J-something or other in Therres' car, while the two-car Chuck Haynes team of Gravity Storm and Volcano waited for the call to the staging lanes.

Chuck Haynes t-shirts Chuck Haynes t-shirts

Nice t-shirt design - so nice we snapped it twice. Truth: I thought it was two different shirts.... until I photoshopped them and realized it was the same shirt on the other side of their sales stand. Doh!

Jake Sanders and friend Darren Wolfram -  Doorslammer

Pondering what knobs to turn and in what direction, crewchief Jake Sanders and a friend wait for the signal to start the potent "Mr. Explosive" nitro funny car and to the right, across the pit road from them, sits one of the new entrants (Darren Wolfram) in the Canada West Doorslammers battle.

pit car Sofa King Fast Racing

Transportation in the pits comes in all shapes and sizes and on the other hand, we've got a nice little tongue twister for you to pronounce (but not out loud!).

show and go go and show

A couple of old beauties in the pits and the Willys Overland on the right is actually in competition.

Garrett Richards - Pro Street Garrett Richards - Pro Street

Garrett Richards was in attendance with his very fast Silverado S-10 pickup and turning some career best elapsed times and speeds throughout the weekend.

Mark Sanders AA/FC warmup 1963 Winternationals t-shirt

The obligtatory nitro warmup at the Mark "Mr. Explosive" Sanders pit area drew a standing room (naturally - there were no seats) only crowd and on the right we've got a "tribute" t-shirt for the 1963 Winternationals (PS: The wearer was even older than the event! - and NO, I'm not telling you it was Rolf Norberg wearing it).

Dean Branham - Outlaw 10.5 Dean Branham - Outlaw 10.5

The world's fastest '67 'Cuda fastback, driven by Edmonton's Dean Branham, displayed some traction trouble in the early evening qualifying session, puffing the tires down low and not showing it's true capabilities.

Paja Agatonovic - Outlaw 10.5 Dale Moznik - Outlaw 10.5

On the left is Paja Agatonovic (who?) from Beaverton, Oregon in his '69 Camaro, while Surrey's Dale Moznik launches hard in his awesome 6-second '69 El Camino.

Garrett Richards - Pro Street Garrett Richards - Pro Street

Garrett Richards - Pro Street Garrett Richards - Pro Street

We told you he was fast, and the scoreboard proves it as this 6.31 - 226.52 attests.

Steve Nicholson '63 'Vette Darryl Stone '68 Camaro

Debuting a still not-quite-finished '63 'Vette was Steve Nicholson (left) while Darryl Stone was blazing the tires hard asd always in his twice-turboed '68 Camaro

Yvonne Lucas - Pro Street Yvonne Lucas - Pro Street

Solidly in the low 6.30's, Yvonne Lucas wheeled her very consistent nitrous-aided Washington State '68 Camaro.

Ken Sihota - Pro Street Ken Sihota - Pro Street

Local racer Ken Sihota whipped his Pontiac Firebird to more 6-second passes to throw his hat in the Pro Street ring.

Terry Shufilta - Doorslammer Mike Bedsworth - Doorslammer

No, we're not repeating ourselves. Driving a Pontiac Firebird almost identical to Sihota's, Terry Shufilta's Doorslammer ran well into the 7.3's to lead qualifying for the field on the left, and there's Mike Bedsworth in his Olds Cutlass on the right.

Terry Langdon-Davies '41 Willys Dave Warren 'Blue Max'

The beautiful '41 Willys of Terry Langdon-Davies runs hard (left) and the ever-popular "Blue Max" 409 Impala of Dave Warren was out once again.

Dave Warren - Doorslammer Jack Springer - Doorslammer

Another Dave Warren shot as he heads downtrack (left) and Jack Springer lights them up in his Doorslammer pickup truck.

Paul Glandon - Doorslammer Paul Glandon - Doorslammer

It's Paul Glandon driving, but other than that, I know absolutely nothing about this great looking car.

Layne Wooley - Doorslammer Darren Wolfram - Doorslammer

On the left is Layne Wooley and his '55 Chevy Bel-Air, while Darren Wolfram wheels the '68 Camaro on the right.

Tyson Wells - Rick Limb - Doorslammer Rick Limb - Doorslammer

On the left we've got Tyson Wells in his wild big-block Chevy-powered VW matched against Rick Limb's gorgeous green Acadian, Nova, Canso (?) (So shoot me for not knowing one Chevy from another). The right side pic is another, closer, shot of Limb's Chev.

Kevin Lance - Doorslammer Kevin Lance - Doorslammer

Burning out, then launching his beautiful '57 Chevy, Kevin Lance stayed in the low 7's to slot in near the top of the Doorslammer field.

What's a drag race without some good-looking girls, and for the first time ever I saw one working the water box behind the starting line wearing a dress.

Dave Stobbe - Doorslammer Alex De Wolf - Doorslammer

Two more of the 'Slammers next, as Dave Stobbe launches hard in his early Nova (?) on the left, while Alex DeWolf blazes the balonies in his turbo 'Stang.

Nate Gagnon - Top Fuel Harley Nate Gagnon - Top Fuel Harley

Making some exhibition runs was the only Top Fuel Harley in the pits, that of Nate Gagnon, who cranked out an amazing 6.47 - 226 mph blast on his second run of the evening.

Bob & Irene Kokotailo Bob & Irene Kokotailo

Joining the party in style were Bob and Irene Kokotailo, seen here in their very cool cart, along with the Canadian Hot Rod girls

Bob & Irene Kokotailo Canadian Hot Rod Girls

Two more shots of the girls as they hang out, then leave with Richardt Scholz (very lucky guy, eh?) as their escort

Rick Markham and Ed Jones wheelstanders Ed Jones wheelstander

Ed Jones wheelstander Ed Jones wheelstander

Taking to the strip for their side-by-side wheelstanding runs, the One-Nite Stand pickup of Rick Markham (far side) took on Ed The OUtlaw Jones in a full quarter-mile match, followed by some firebreathing antics of Jones as they came back to the starting line.

Sorry, but I don't have the names of these Hot Rods, but they're all pretty cool cars, especially the early Willys.

While waiting for the sun to get low enough in the sky to allow the racers to see the Xmas tree, and the track, we were entertained by the motorcycle crazies from WestCoast Freestyle.

Waving goodbye as they headed back to the pits, Irene Kokotailo bids us adieu, then the action got a lot louder and more serious with Todd Swinford in the Photo Op car leading the way for the Northwest BB/Funny Cars.

Two shots, going and coming (back) of Nanaimo's Brent Murray in his Damn Yankee flopper.

--- ---

And just like clockwork, we're back to the reverse gear technicians, aka the backup girls. Right in the middle of the "action", as always, is ace lensman Paul "Mr. 330" Grant.

Debuting a new Mach I Mustang, second generation racer Justin Taylor (his father Royce wheels a similar early 'Stang) looked good but hit a bit of rough going near the 330 foot mark, with the rear wheels airborne, followed in the next frame by the fronts. Quite a ride for the rookie.

The defending NW BB/FC series champion, Greg "Zeus" Howland put down a great burnout, blazing the tires well past half-track, before laying down another 6-second lap

One of the hottest rivalries in the Northwest BB/Funny Car association is that of the Parker family, with Randy (left) taking on Kim (right) once again. Kim's team always seems to win the backup girl contest though.

Wheeling down the return on one of the coolest golf carts on the property, the Greg Howland backup crew waved to the crowd (left) while photogs Paul Grant (hat on) and Bill Jefferey (hat off) compared shots.

In the aftermath of the Tiki Warrior versus Hart Braker match (left), there was a bit of downtime, so to kill the boredom, Mark Sanders (left) took on Tim Nemeth (right) in a foot race.

Anxious to beat Mr. Explosive, Nemeth redlighted but kept his FOOT in it..... ooh, that pun was sitting there just waiting to come out.... and crossed the finish line slightly ahead of the victorious and exultant Sanders.

When the track was ready, Sanders laid down one of his patented half-track smokers.

And on the other side, Nemeth followed up with a big-time tire heater of his own.

Before it got too dark and I got the camera settings too screwed up to shoot anything decent, the Jet Funny Cars of Derek Snelson and Kevin Therres came out for their first round.